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Volunteers Required and Desired

Become a foster parent. 

Our Rescue always appreciates the involvement of people like you, making Divine Rodent Rescue an even better Animal Rescue than it already is. We are looking for people to help house some of our little friends. We will supply the habitat and supplies needed for the foster rodents. We just need awesome people to help temporarily house some of our adoptable pets. We understand situations change, so if you can no longer foster it's ok, they'll just come home to us. 
Can't open up your home but still want to help. Do you have car and can help transport rodents to the rescue? How about joining our Rodent Rides List? Sometimes the rodents need a ride or are really far away from the rescue. And helping expand our reach would definitely help them and us. There's many ways to help and we appreciate any and all help. 
Please come join the Mischief here at Divine Rodent Rescue. Reach out to find what's required to be a foster parent. 


Donations Welcome

Every little bit helps. 

This is one of the simplest and best ways to help out our Rescue. Every dollar donated goes to animals. Donations not only help us run the Rescue but it will also help allow it to grow and help more rodents. One of the biggest expenses is Veterinarian care for the little ones. We want to make sure each family gets a healthy animal. Please if you can please think about donating to our Venmo @divinerodentrescue. Together we can make their little lives as best as humanly possible. Thank you for everything. 


Our Amazon Wish List

Choose a gift for the little ones. 

Want to help directly or just get the little ones new toys, heres how. Just click the button and see our wish list. Everything on the list helps the rodents and helps us grow. From new appropriately size cages to food and bedding to toys you'll find all the best and safest rodent supplies. We will do unboxing videos on our YouTube channel to show off the goodies for the animals of the rescue and saying our deepest thanks to all who help support us. So go check it out, it's pretty awesome if we do say so. Thank you for any and all the help you give us. 

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh