Get To Know Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow.

At Divine Rodent Rescue we’re trying to make this world a little better for our rodent friends. Our rescue caters to Rats, Mice and Hamsters.  Hopefully one day we will be big enough to take in Guinea Pigs but until then we'll do what we can for smaller rodents. So if you can no longer take care of your rodents we are here for you. We will take them in and provide them everything they'll need until they're adopted out.  Don't worry if they dont get adopted they will always have a spot with us. We also take in special needs and aggressive rodents. If you feel you're ready for some rodents in your life then please let's us know and we'll make it happen. We also provide educational information, on multiple social media platforms, on proper care for our rodent friends. Such as proper cage sizes and toys for each type of rodent, which foods are best for them and which rodent is the best for you. Let's grow and support the rodent community together.